Program Notes

Poetics Program

The Poetics Program’s calendar this fall includes several exciting guests who focus especially on translingual poetry and poetics. These visitors are doing seminars with students, along with public readings at 8pm at the Western New York Center for Book Arts: on Tues., Sept. 24, we had here Jose-Luis Moctezuma, author of Place-Discipline; on Mon., Oct. 21, we will welcome Erin Mouré, author most recently of Planetary Noise: Selected Poetry of Erin Mouré; and on Tues., Oct. 28, we’ll host Marwa Helal, who recently published Invasive Species. We are also delighted to have Nikki Wallschlaeger, author of Crawlspace, for a reading at Rust Belt Books, 8pm, on Fri., Nov. 21. We’ll wrap up the semester with a celebration of new publications by Poetics community members on Fri., Dec. 6, also at Rust Belt.

Looking towards the spring semester: in February, Poetics will convene a panel on contemporary environmental art at the Burchfield Penney Art Center, featuring a brief talk by ecocritic Joshua Schuster, a reading by ecopoet Evelyn Reilly, and a screening by local video artist Anna Scime. We are also thrilled to have Simone White giving the fourth Robert Creeley Lecture in Poetry and Poetics, with events spanning Thurs., Mar. 26– Fri., Mar. 27. I look forward very much to seeing colleagues, friends of the English Department, students present and past, and fellow travelers in poetry at the Poetics Program events throughout 2019-20.

Judith Goldman, Director, Poetics Program

Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Culture

Alvarez book - The Savage.

During the academic year 2019-2020, the Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Culture will continue its ongoing series of lectures and seminars by prominent visiting scholars. In October, we are extremely honored to welcome Alenka Zupančič, among the best known psychoanalytic theorists in the world today, for a lecture, “A-sexual Violence,” and a seminar “The End and Its Doubles.” In November, in conjunction with the Department of Music, we will host Seth Brodsky, Director of the Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry and Associate Professor of Music at the University of Chicago, again for a lecture, “Interregnum Art (Bey vs. Jay)” (which will be included in the department’s new “Aftertalk” series), followed by a seminar, “Is There Music After Analysis?

Toward a Psychoanalytic Theory of Music That Is Also a Musical Theory of Psychoanalysis. During the Spring semester, lectures by Rebecca Comay (University of Toronto) and Tracy McNulty (Cornell University) will complete our offerings for the year.

Most momentously, however, the students and faculty associated with the Center are in the process of editing the inaugural issue of our new online journal, Penumbr(a): A Journal of Psychoanalysis and Modernity, on the topic of “Psychoanalysis and Sexual Violence,” with contributions by Alenka Zupančič, Jamieson Webster, Anne Juranville, Danielle Bergeron, Cindy Zeiher, Samia Vasa, Daniel Wilson, and Fernanda Negrete, in addition to a number of reviews of recent publications in the field of psychoanalytic theory. The issue is scheduled to go online at the beginning of February 2020.

Steven Miller, Director
Fernanda Negrete, Executive Director