Alexander Reid

Associate Professor Alexander Reid.

Associate Professor
Director of Composition and Teaching Fellows

Office:  325 Clemens Hall
Phone number: (716) 645-0678
E-mail address:



digital media studies, rhetoric and composition, professional writing, game studies

Works in Progress

  • Composing Objects: A Speculative Rhetoric

Selected Publications

  • “What is Object-Oriented Rhetoric?” Itineration “Big Ideas” (2012):
  • “Composing Objects” Enculturation 14 (2012):
  • “Graduate Education and the Ethics of the Digital Humanities.” Debates in the Digital Humanities, ed. Matthew Gold.  Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press, 2012.
  • ”Social Media Assemblages in Digital Humanities: From Backchannel to Buzz.” Teaching Arts and Science with the New Social Media,  edited by Charles Wankel. Bingley UK: Emerald, 2011, 321-338.
  • "The Write Brain: Professional Writing in the Post-Knowledge Economy" in Design Discourse: Composing and Revising Professional Writing Programs, edited by David Franke, Alex Reid, and Anthony Di Renzo. West Lafayette, IN: WAC Clearinghouse and Parlor Press, 2010, 254-273.
  • “Composing Games: An Object-Oriented Approach.” 21st-Century Literature (2011): 30-42.
  • "Exposing Assemblages: Unlikely Communities of Digital Scholarship, Video, and Social Networks." Enculturation. 8 (2010): Reprinted in The Best of the Independent Rhetoric and Composition Journals 2011. ed. by Steve Parks, Brenda Glascott, Brian Bailie, Heather Christiansen, and Stacey Waite. Parlor Press, 2013.