UB COM Featured at 68th Annual ICA Conference

Published February 13, 2018 This content is archived.

On May 24th-28th, 2018, the 68th annual International Communication Association conference will be held in Prague, Czech Republic. Though the acceptance rate was relatively low overall (less than 1/3 of papers were accepted this year), UB COM had a strong showing with 14 papers accepted.

Accepted papers include:

Ahn, C., & Grizzard, M. (2018, May). "I didn't have a choice": Moral action, attribution and guilt in video games.

Choi, J., & Oh, K. (2018, May). Increased Selective Attention to Emotionally Arousing Messages: An ERP Study. 

Chu, H., & Yang, J. Z. (2018, May). Taking climate change here and now – mitigating ideological polarization with psychological distance. 

Covert, J.M., & Stefanone, M.A. (2018). Why wasn't I invited? Online social exclusion, belongingness and reduced intelligent thought. 

Fitzgerald, K., & Green, M.C. (2018, May). The Role of Narrative Ending in Restorative Narratives. 

Fitzgerald, K., Paravati, E., Green, M.C., Moore, M., Lin, J. (2018, May). Restorative Narratives for Health Fundraising. 

Grizzard, M., Fitzgerald, K., Ahn, C., Huang, J., Francemone, C.J., Walton, J., McAllister, C.A., Lewis, R.J. (2018, May). Narrative Retribution and Cognitive Processing. 

Grizzard, M., Francemone, C., Walton, J., Fitzgerald, K., Ahn, C., Huang, J., McAllister, C. (2018, May). The echoes of character schema: Examining interdependence in disposition formation.

Huang, J., & Grizzard, M. (2018, May). Beyond content: Exploring the effects of narrative structure on entertainment responses. 

Liu, S., Yang, J. Z., & Chu, H. (2018, May). Different culture or different mind? A cross-cultural comparison of young adult’s perception and acceptance of HPV vaccine and the moderated message framing effect in China and USA. 

Maki, K.G. (2018, May). Analyzing Message Effectiveness for Influencing Older Adults’ Intentions to Obtain Screening for Hepatitis C. 

Toh, Z. (2018, May). Do you have a "bitch face"? Facial features and perceived intimidation. 

Underwood, K., & Yang, J. Z. (2018, May). Prior knowledge’s differential effects on fear appeal outcomes. 

Yue, Z., Toh, Z., & Stefanone, M. A. (2018). A Social Cognitive Approach to Traditional and Social Media: Self-Worth and Selfie-Related Behavior.