Stefanone Weighs in on Email vs Texting

Published August 21, 2018 This content is archived.

" UB student using their phones as they walk through campus".

An article published on August 6, 2018, by the BBC that discussed the reaction to receiving emails vs. receiving text messages. The article explains how receiving emails used to excite people because it was the only way to communicate online.  However, with text messages being the primary source of interpersonal communication, emails are becoming more formal and less common.  They have become more of a mass communication tools for advertising and mass office emails.  Associate professor of communication Dr. Michael Stefanone was interviewed for the article.  He commented, “many people dread email because it is a conduit for unwanted advertising, a wide range of spam, and flat out attempts to scam or ‘phish’ use, it’s generally impersonal and work-related.”  The article also brings into question when text messaging will eventually decrease.  Stefanone comments, “I think flat ‘texting’ is already being replaced.  Snap enables us to idealize the images we present of ourselves through filters – look at its growing popularity.”  The article ends with the conclusion that text messages will most likely be doomed if they become tied to work like email.

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