Rintamaki's COM 492 Aims to Change the Way We Talk About Sex

Published May 16, 2017 This content is archived.

Associate Professor Dr. Lance Rintamaki teaches one of the most popular courses on campus - COM 492: Sexual Communication. The class, which fills each semester within minutes of being posted, aims to change the narrative on how we talk about sex. After developing the course for another university and receiving extremely positive feedback, Rintamaki brought the course to UB. Rintamaki's frank, comfortable style of teaching is changing the game for students, many of whom leave the class outraged, not because of the material itself, but rather, because they weren't exposed to it before. Seeking to expand the amount of well-researched, scientific information on sex available online, Rintamaki has recently launched SexNerds.org, a website meant to educate the masses on sex and sexual health using legitimate, updated scientific evidence.

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