It’s Better To Be Passionate Than Merely Interested: Rintamaki Speaks on Why Passion Is Key To Successful Careers

Published February 19, 2018 This content is archived.

Associate Professor of Communication Lance Rintamaki was recently featured in the Winter 2018 Edition of College Matters. “We hope students discover something about which they are passionate, and the tools to develop strong, healthy careers,” Rintamaki says. “Our undergraduates are a source of so much vitality and energy. We want them to do well.” Dr. Rintamaki is known for his popular undergraduate seminar on sexual attraction and its science - students may know him for his sexual communication class and In addition, he plays a huge role in the UB community. He has helped to ensure students’ future success by inviting Fortune 500 companies to recruit on campus and by interviewing employers to discover what they look most for in future employees.

To learn more about Rintamaki’s story, read the full article here.