Kaitlin Fitzgerald

PhD Candidate Kaitlin Fitgerald.

Kaitlin Fitzgerald

Kaitlin Fitzgerald

M.A. in Communication, 2017
PhD in Communication, Expected Completion: May 2020
University at Buffalo
B.S. in Psychology, 2015
James Madison University

Research Focus

Narrative Influence and Engagement, Entertainment Media Effects

Overview Background Publications Awards

Top Paper Award, Mass Communication Division, NCA (2019)

Top Paper Award, Communication Science and Biology Interest Group, ICA (2018)

Article of the Year, Communication and Social Cognition Division, NCA (2017)

Top Faculty Paper Award with Dr. Melanie Green, Mass Communication Division, ICA (2017)

Top Paper Award, Social Cognition Division, NCA (2016)


Mark Diamond Research Fund Award, University at Buffalo (2019)

CAS Dissertation Fellowship Award, College of Arts & Sciences, University at Buffalo (2019)

Outstanding Research, Scholarship and Creativity, Celebration of Academic Excellence, University at Buffalo (2019)

Communication Science Research Award, Master’s Level, Department of Communication, University at Buffalo (2017)

Dean’s Scholar, College of Art and Sciences Fellowship, University at Buffalo (2017-present)