Photo of Ivan B. Dylko

Ivan Dylko

Department of Communication, Assistant Professor

Specialty/Research Focus

Communication technology; political communication; media effects

Dr. Dylko is interested in the nature and political effects of Internet-based information and communication technologies (ICTs). In his research, Dr. Dylko uses Mix-of-Attributes framework to study how ICTs affect various political outcomes, such as political participation, political knowledge, political selective exposure, and political information processing. Currently, Dr. Dylko is leading several projects:

● Examination of how customizability technology (also known as personalization or tailoring) increases exposure to information that supports individuals' political attitudes and beliefs, and how such selective exposure leads to political attitude polarization.

● Identification and explication of politically important affordances of social and mobile media.

● Algorithm audit of top-trafficked websites with the goal of describing how much political ideology-based personalization is taking place on those websites.

● Development of a general theoretical model that explains how ICTs create individual-level political effects.

Dr. Dylko's research is inherently multidisciplinary. He has collaborated with researchers from psychology and computer science, and published articles on such topics as media effects, communication technology, public opinion, and political communication in International Journal of Public Opinion ResearchNew Media and SocietyJournal of Broadcasting and Electronic MediaCommunication Theory, and others.