Summer 2023 Course Offerings

Students at Baird Point.

APY 106: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Reg.# 12467
Remote, not real time
Session I: 5/30/2023 - 7/7/2023
Dr. Timothy Chevral

“Introduction to Cultural Anthropology” will explain the concept of culture—as a set of meanings, values, and practices—and put it into useful perspective.  We ignore culture when we presume that people act simply to maximize profit, convenience, or enjoyment.  An understanding of culture, then allows us to appreciate the complexity of social life and the ways in which it intersects with constructions of race, class, gender, sexuality and nationality.  

We explore in this course cross-cultural perspectives and variance in meanings of what often remains unquestioned, for e.g. differences between men and women, sexual practices and identities, racial and class based experiences, ideas about illness and health to name just a few. We also look at what methods, ethics, and cast of mind, the anthropologist brings to the people studied, near and far. More important for most students would be a reflection on how a non-anthropologist could apply the same cultural sensibilities to the daily life of a plural-but-unequal society such as our own?  Politicians and pundits mostly treat culture as a fixed, genetic category, the way one used to think of race. If it succeeds, this course will enable you to contribute nuance to debates on social diversity around you and at a distance.   

APY 338LAB: Field Research in Archaeology [Summer Field School]

Reg.# 12139
In person
Session I: 5/30/2023 - 7/7/2023
Dr. Douglas Perrelli

The UB Anthropology field school provides an intensive and rewarding archaeological field and lab experience for students interested in archaeology as an academic concentration and as a career option in the field of Cultural Resource Management (CRM). Field school is geared towards students with interests in North American archaeology or related fields including history, geology, geography, soil science and the natural sciences.

The goal is to introduce students to the techniques of archaeological site location, artifact identification, excavation, mapping, and material analysis in a fun but rigorous academic and applied setting.

Please visit the UB Anthropology Field School website for additional details.


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