Apr 1 | Film Screening: "Our Land-Our Life: Then and Now"

Join us for a film screening of, Our Land – Our Life: Then and Now [Ñawpaqpas kunanpas allpanchis, kawsayninchis]directed by Margarita Huayhua, UB Distinguished Visiting Scholar. 

Our Land Our Life film image.

Friday, April 1


355 Academic Center, Ellicott Complex

This documentary shed lights on how Bolivian Native Andeans fought against the system of hacienda, and how nowadays they fight against transnational corporations that menace their chances of living in their own terms in Bolivia, South America.

In the first section, Quechua speakers expose eloquently the conditions of slavery in which they worked for the haciendas since the haciendas expanded at the expenses of Native Andeans lands. They tell us—in their own words—how they free themselves from the grip of the haciendas.

The second section illustrates the struggle of Native Andeans to defend their land from transnational mining corporations. Their fight today is intertwined with their ways of understanding how the world is, what things/persons exist and constitute the world for them. Their world, a world that includes Mallku-Quta, would be destroyed by any kind of mining activity. The villagers of Mallku-Quta stand up to fight against mining corporations to avoid the destruction of the mountain water springs that are the source of 5 lakes and 2 river basins. For them Mallku-Quta, as a provider of water is crucial to keep the world in which they live; if Mallku-Quta disappears, they die.

All are welcome to attend this film screening.