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Sophomore Internship Program

An incredible internship experience on live TV for intern Shellie Mittleberg '19.

Get valuable experience, make connections and possibly discover a career that you love.

The Sophomore Internship Program (SHIP) is a credit-bearing internship for any full-time students with 30 credit hours. This program is designed to help develop new skills while getting a real-world experience in today’s job market.

Applications are due to Career Services on the first day of classes.

Application Deadline

The first day of classes each semester.

Course Requirements

Must be a full-time UB student with at least 30 credit hours completed (prior to semester of internship placement).
  1. Fill out application below.
  2. Receive a course/program agreement email from Career Services.
  3. Print and complete course/program agreement with your internship site supervisor and return it to Bob Orrange, Career Services SHIP coordinator.
  4. Review syllabus in UBLearns.
  5. Maintain a journal.
  6. Submit a mid-term paper.
  7. Complete a minimum of 135 hours at your internship placement .
  8. Submit a final paper.
  9. Be the best intern you can be!

Hint: If you're the best intern you can be, you may be eligible for an additional 3 credit internship at the same organization. 

Steps for International Students:

  • Get approval from your academic adviser that the internship is approved for Curricular Practical Training (CPT).
  • Your adviser must indicate "pre-approval" of this information, in writing to the International Student Services office (ISS) in 210 Talbert Hall.
  • After agreement by the ISSS office and after securing the internship, additional forms must be completed for Career Services.
  • All of the completed forms must be submitted to the International Student Services office (210 Talbert Hall) and/or to Career Services (259 Capen Hall) at least 5-7 business days prior to the start of the internship.

After receiving of required documents and approval of the SHIP coordinator you will be registered for UBE 496.

Contact your academic advisor with questions regarding this course fulfilling your university requirements.

How to Apply

  1. Complete application below and submit.
  2. Contact Career Services SHIP coordinator, Bob Orrange at 716-645-2231, prior to starting internship.
Grade Point Average
Include organization name and internship title
More Information

Email Career Services

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