NYC Road Trip

Meet us in New York City to get a behind-the-scenes tour of leading NYC companies that recruit UB students, held annually in early January. You’ll see what it’s like to work at some of the world’s top organizations, learn about the latest trends from recruiters and UB alumni, and find out if working in New York City is right for you.

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Coming in January 2021

New York City Area

Transportation Not Provided

You are responsible for getting to and from New York City, and then getting around the city during the trip.

There's no time like the present...

Check off applying for the NYC Road Trip Career Experience on your to-do list. It’s easier than ever to get ahead of job and internship discovery in New York City, with our highly sought after road trip experiences, connections with powerhouse alumni. 

View of Bryant Park in New York City. Graphic: three days, two tracks to choose from, VIP access.

Choose Your Experience

Let's go! Choose one career experience that best fits you and your interests. In each experience you'll get VIP access to see what leading companies in New York City look like, plus you might discover a new career path or something else you love.

Discovery Track Architecture & Planning

Make your winter break work harder for you. Spend three days in New York City discovering...

  • What it’s like to work at these NYC companies with a behind the scenes tour.
  • The latest trends from recruiters and alumni.
  • If working in NYC is right for you.
Planning In The Works

The NYC Road Trip 2021 is being planned right now. Please check back for the full list of company tours, dates and times.

Getting Around New York City

Here are some suggestions on how you might get around New York City.

**IMPORTANT: Here are some transportation resources for getting around New York City but in no way does University at Buffalo Career Services endorse these companies and/or apps. 



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