Career Conversations

Here is the story of how Jennifer Carlson ’94 and Victoria Scibetta ’16 met during Career Conversations.

Meet experienced alumni who understand what you’re going through, and are ready to help you. You’ll get real-world advice, and could even make a connection that may lead to an internship or job. These events are held annually in January and February.

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Career Conversations is a Student-Alumni Career Networking Night designed to link experienced UB alumni with current UB students and recent graduates who are interested in launching their careers, finding internships, or connecting with a mentor in a fun and casual way.

Why You Should Go

1. Make Professional Friends

It all starts with a simple Hello and sometimes a pivot in your plan. You never know what job or internship opportunities might be created with you in mind or even better with you as an applicant. 

2. Build Lasting Connections

Sometimes you just need one person to answer all your career-related questions. You can do that in a one-hour counseling appointment but having a mentor is a great person to have too. At Career Conversations, you can branch out and find a potential mentor to share their career experiences, making your decisions a little easier.

3. Explore Your Options

This is the time to ask those burning questions. The people you meet have “been there, and done that,” they know your struggles and want to help. Talk to an alum that has graduated from the same major and talk to others who just seems interesting, it's all about discovering your next step.

More Ways to Meet Alumni

Connect with UB Alumni in the UB Career Connector Network powered by Firsthand.

Tips for Starting a Conversation

You know it starts with a conversation. But what if you don't know how to get the conversation started? Here's a few tips and hacks to get ready for that moment.

  • Introduce yourself, be friendly, smile and most of all, be you.
  • Come prepared with potential topics and questions to ask.
  • Thank them for their time.
  • Ask to see if you can continue your conversation later on the UB Career Connector Network and/or connect with them on LinkedIn.

* Remember to breathe. They are there to talk to you, so don't let your nerves get the best of you. #YouGotThis

Buffalo Career Conversations

Next Event: 2020

NYC Career Conversations

Next Event: 2021

What's Your Career Story?

When you land that job or internship, tell us about it.