Change Your Room or Apartment

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At UB, we will work with you to try and accommodate requests to change your housing assignment. However, these changes may take time, and are not always possible due to room availability and other considerations.

Before You Move In

If you are looking to change your assignment prior to your arrival on campus, you may submit an Assignment Change Request form. Assignment changes are accommodated on space availability and eligibility requirements. Assignment changes are final; it is not possible to be returned to your original assignment after a change has been made. Assignment changes are based on:

  • For New/Transfer Students: the date your housing application was complete
  • For Current Students: your housing reservation number or, if you did not self-select, the date your application was complete
Assignment Change Request Form

The Assignment Change Request form for 2020-2021 returning applicants will be available April 6.

After You Move In

What If I Don't Get Along With My Roommate?

Many issues can be resolved by talking about concerns as they arise and by setting reasonable expectations for living together. If you and your roommates are still having challenges, talk to your resident advisor or community assistant, who can help you resolve roommate issues. Learn More: Roommate Relations

Request a Room Change

If you would like to change your housing assignment, you must meet with the hall/complex director from your residence hall or apartment to talk about why you want to switch rooms. Efforts to resolve the concern, such as roommate mediation, will be explored before a decision is made on a move. If your request is approved, your hall/complex director will provide additional instructions, including a timeline for the move.

Timing for Room Changes

Please note that room changes will only be granted:

  • After all housing vacancies are verified at the start of the semester
  • If space allows

This process traditionally takes about a week, but may take more time, especially at the beginning of fall semester. Your residence hall/ complex director can offer more information on space availability, and may be able to expedite a room change if there are extenuating circumstances. 

If you switch rooms without following these procedures you will be asked to move back into your assigned room and/or charged with a violation.

End of Fall Semester Room Changes

Students who live on campus for the fall semester can often move to a new room for the spring semester. Many students use this opportunity to move in with a new roommate.

To move from a residence hall room to another residence hall room: Please talk to your hall director by early December to find out what spaces are available for the spring semester, and which spaces you are eligible to live in. Please note that you must be able to move out of your old space and into your new space by the last day of the fall semester. 

To move from a residence hall to an apartment or sophomore only housing: Starting on the first day of classes, apartment and sophomore eligible students can request to move via the Residence Hall to Apartment and Sophomore Room Change form. Some spaces may become available in the fall, while others may be available in the spring.

Mutual Room Switches

A mutually agreed-upon room switch between students will be permitted at the discretion of the Campus Living staff. Students requesting a mutual switch are required to meet with the hall/complex director.

Campus Living reserves all rights regarding the assignment and reassignment of room and apartment accommodations for reasons of health, safety, security or conduct. Read your Guide to Campus Living for details.