Early Arrival Fall

New students who want to arrive at UB before the move-in date must be approved for early arrival.

Early Arrival Application Deadline

Students wishing to arrive before their scheduled move-in date, should submit an early arrival request through the housing portal. The request process will be available later this summer.


No early arrivals for fall semester housing are permitted prior to August 20, 2022 in residence halls or apartments. If you have questions or concerns call Campus Living Housing Services at 866-285-8806 (toll-free) or e-mail campusliving@buffalo.edu.

How Can I Move In Early?

In order to move in before the date listed, you must submit the early arrival request and be approved for early arrival. 

Early Move-In Dates

If you are approved for early arrival housing, you will receive an e-mail noting the earliest date you may move-in. All students must check-in before 5:00 p.m. on the first day of classes. Please note that campus dining, transportation and other services may be limited during early arrival times.

Any student approved for early arrival may check in at their respective area or village office. Check-in dates and times for the entire early arrival period will be announced later this summer. Students may not check in earlier than the date they are approved for:

Early Arrival Rates

If you are approved for early arrival, additional charges may be added to your UB student account. The nightly charge is based on the 2022-2023 rate for your respective room type. A detailed chart of nightly charges can be found below.

These rates apply from the date you check in until the standard move-in date listed in our Welcome Home website.

Limited Services Before August 25

Many on-campus services are limited before we officially reopen for the fall semester on August 20, 2022. Please feel free to check with your residence hall area office or apartment village office if you have general questions.

Dining halls may also not be open,.  Restaurants and retail shops are located throughout the North and South Campuses. Please visit the Campus Dining and Shops website and our other vendors website for schedules and locations, including the UB Commons.