Assignment Change Instructions

Please follow these instructions if you are looking to adjust your housing assignment prior to occupancy.

Step 1: Log into the Housing Portal.

Step 2: Select "Update".

Step 3: Choose "Perform updates to my booking" in the drop down box.

Screen shot of housing portal menu.

Step 4: Choose "Request a room change" in the drop down box.

Screenshot of housing portal menu to update a booking.

Step 5: Select the Term you a requesting a room change for.

Screen shot of room change process screen.

Step 6: Select the type of room you are looking for.

Screen shot of submit room change process screen.

Step 7: Select your building.

Screen shot of eligible buildings screen.

Step 8: Select the room you would like to change to. You can use the filters on the left-hand side to narrow down your selection.

Screen shot of room selection page.

Step 9: You will need to assign yourself to a bed in the room (if multiple are available). You cannot assign anyone else to a room in this process.

Screen shot of select a bed space screen.

Step 10: You will finish on a confirmation screen that will have your old and new assignment. Please note that this process cannot be undone and your old room is now available for selection by another person.