Move In & Out

students lined up with belongings waiting to move into the residence hall.

Whether it’s your first day at UB or your last, here’s everything you need to know about moving in and out of your new home. 

  • 6/23/21
    Moving in to your new room or apartment at UB is an exciting time. Whether you’re coming from across the state or around the world, we’re here to help make the process as easy and fun as possible.
  • 8/3/21
    New students who want to arrive at UB before the move-in date must be approved for early arrival.
  • 8/3/21
    New students must typically move in by the first day of class. If you are not moving in by that day, please contact us so we can keep your room reserved for you.
  • 4/8/21
    Please follow these instructions if you are looking to adjust your housing assignment prior to occupancy.
  • 9/20/18
    At UB, we will work with you to try and accommodate requests to change your housing assignment. However, these changes may take time, and are not always possible due to room availability and other considerations.
  • 7/8/21
    Move out information for the end of the spring semester