Internet & Wi-Fi

Your internet access is free when you live in UB’s official on-campus housing, including our residence halls and apartments. With Wi-Fi coverage in every room and common area, it’s easy to stay connected. 

Wi-Fi or Internet Problem?

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Getting Connected

As your home away from home, UB offers both Wi-Fi and wired networks for you to use. These networks are designed to handle not only your learning and academic needs, but also to support video streaming, screen casting, gaming and other entertainment choices. These networks are available in our residence halls, apartments and learning spaces, and are supported by UB Information Technology (UBIT).

Connect To Wireless (Wi-Fi) Networks

You have several options for connecting your Wi-Fi enabled devices at UB. The preferred wireless network for students, in most instances, is eduroam, as it securely encrypts transmitted information.

Connect to Wired (ResNet) Networks

Your residence hall room or apartment also has a “hard wired” Ethernet port, often referred to as the ResNet. These connections are faster than wireless (Wi-Fi) connections and are great for gaming devices, media players, desktop computers and even laptops.  

Students connecting to a ResNet port will require a Cat 5e, Cat 6 or Cat 6A Ethernet cable. These can be purchased from most electronics stores and online retailers.

Safe Computing

It is every student’s responsibility to keep your devices safe and secure, regardless of whether you use Wi-Fi or ResNet. At a minimum, you should:

  • Use strong passwords or passphrases
  • Update software regularly
  • Run anti-virus (where applicable)

UB’s IT & Acceptable Use Policies

UB takes copyright laws very seriously. Providing and/or downloading unauthorized or illegal content can put you on the wrong side of several state and federal laws—as well as the university’s acceptable use policy. Students should refrain from installing any type of file-sharing software, and should use legal alternatives to purchase entertainment such as movies, TV shows and music.