Agreements, Policies & Procedures

At UB, we strive to provide a safe and comfortable home for the nearly 7,500 students who live on campus. To make things run as smoothly as possible, we expect students to be considerate, use common sense, and follow our well-established guidelines.

On this page:

Guide to Campus Living

This handbook is designed to answer your questions, help with your transition to living at UB, and get you excited about the new year. We encourage you to hold onto this guide for reference throughout the year. Of course, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at any time. 

A few highlights: 

  • Alcohol is prohibited in first-year areas regardless of your age. This includes:      
    • Ellicott East:  Wilkeson, Spaulding, and Richmond Quadrangles
    • Governors Complex: Lehman, Clinton, Dewey, and Roosevelt Halls
    • Main Street Residence Hall:  Goodyear and Clement Halls.
  • Alcohol is also prohibited in predominantly second-year areas: Greiner Hall and Creekside Villages – East units (Buildings 1-11).
  • Pursuant to federal requirements and existing SUNY policy, cannabis (marijuana) remains prohibited on SUNY campuses. 
  • Smoking is prohibited in all university buildings, including all residence halls and apartments.
  • Help keep your building secure by not letting in strangers, keeping your door locked and not propping doors.
  • All students are expected to maintain specified quiet hours and be considerate to their neighbors.
  • Pets are not allowed, other than fish in a 10-gallon (or smaller) tank.
  • Guests and visitors (including overnight guests) are subject to Campus Living rules. 
  • All Federal, New York State, and local laws apply on campus.

The Campus Living Community Standards Program

When you live in UB’s residence halls and apartments, you sign an agreement that specifies your responsibilities as a student, as well as Campus Living’s responsibilities to students. These rules apply to all students and their guests as a part of this agreement.

Our Community Standards Program is designed to re-enforce and uphold these rules throughout the residence halls and apartments. As specified in the agreement, violations of the rules may result in the suspension or termination of your Campus Living housing agreement, as well as restrictions to entering some or all of our buildings. This program functions cooperatively with the Office Student Conduct and Advocacy.

The “Good Samaritan” Approach

Students or others may hesitate to get immediate assistance (or provide it to others) because of concerns that their own behavior may be a violation of UB rules or regulations. It is vital to call for medical assistance when an individual is experiencing severe intoxication or serious injury after consuming alcohol or drugs. The “Good Samaritan” approach is designed to minimize any reluctance you may have in getting help for yourself or others due to these concerns.

Rule Violations

In most cases, if a Campus Living staff member observes a student who may be violating a rule, the staff member will:

  • Identify themselves
  • Communicate which rule may have been violated
  • Request identification of the student(s) involved

Based on the nature of your violation, you may be “written up” (also known as “documented”), and there may be consequences. We typically seek educationally focused outcomes for residents who violate rules, and we have a well-established range of sanctions for these situations. Please see your Guide to Campus Living for more information about rule violations, including the process and a list of sanctions.

Your Campus Living Housing Agreement: Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions explain many of your financial and legal rights and obligations when you live in official on-campus housing at UB. Please read them carefully, and contact us if you have any questions.

UB Rules & Regulations

When you live in campus housing, you are also required to follow UB's rules and regulations.