Sustainable Living

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UB is proud to be among the top 2 percent of colleges and universities in North America for sustainable living.

UB received a “gold” rating from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. Whether you want to save energy, eat sustainably or learn how to be a better steward of our natural resources, living on campus lets you be part of a nationally recognized “green” community.

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Our Mission

We understand that the choices we make today influence a sustainable future.  As such, Campus Living is committed to meeting the needs of our student residents, while preserving and improving the environment in everything we do.

We address issues of sustainability and use our positive voice to inspire changes that impact social, economic and environmental concerns within our community.  

Our goal is to inspire a culture that fosters stewardship for our natural world and minimizes the impact we have upon it. We will continue to lead by incorporating practices that maintain an environment of sustainability throughout our residential communities at UB. 

Green Housing

Greiner Hall received a gold rating under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification system for its many environmentally friendly features, including: 

  • Laundry room counters made from recycled detergent bottles
  • A roofed bike rack area for nearly 100 bikes
  • An irrigation system that draws water from an on-campus lake
How Can You Be Green?

See tips for conserving energy and being a responsible steward of the environment.

> Be green in your room

> Be green around campus

Sustainable Dining

At UB, we work directly with local farms to design menus around harvest dates, supporting the farm-to-table movement. Campus Dining & Shops (which runs the dining centers on campus) is also a member of the Made In/Grown In New York program, which promotes and supports agricultural and food products from New York State.

100 percent of dining center food waste is composted on campus, keeping it out of local landfills.

Be an Eco Rep Leader

At UB, students are expected to take a leadership role in conducting activities as responsible stewards of the natural environment by promoting environmental awareness, taking personal action and thinking globally. If you live on campus and you want to practice and promote sustainable living, we encourage you to become a UB Eco Rep student volunteer. As an Eco Rep, you’ll learn more about environmental issues such as recycling and energy and water conservation, and teach others in your community how to be good stewards of our natural resources. 

The Eco-Rep Leadership Program concentrates on several topics related to ecological education and development, including:

  • Environmental awareness and leadership
  • Recycling and waste stream management
  • Energy conservation
  • Clean energy (solar, wind, geothermal)
  • Water conservation
  • Transportation and mobility

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