Reach Your Full Potential

student eating ice cream while talking to a resident advisor talking about opportunities.

Learning happens everywhere at UB. Just walk down the hall or across the yard, and you’ll find countless opportunities to grow as a student—and as a person. We take an active approach to your personal development, with a residential curriculum intentionally designed around proven learning outcomes.

On this page:

Personal Development Based on Your Needs

First-Year Students

  • Transition to campus life
  • Academic resources (study skills, tutoring, strategies to improve GPA)
  • Cross-cultural explorations
  • Time management
  • Roommate conflicts
  • Social programs
  • Personal identity
  • Midterm stress relief

Help is Just Steps Away

One of the first people you'll meet at UB is your Resident Advisor (RA) or Community Assistant (CA).

Your RA (in the residence halls) or CA (in the apartments) is an experienced UB student—typically an upper class or graduate student—who lives on your floor, in your building or in your apartment complex. They're the first person you should talk to when you have a question, need help with a problem, or want to get more out of living on campus.

Trained Resident Advisors and Community Assistants—Only at UB
  • Help students transition to campus life
  • Show you how to get around UB
  • Meet with you one-on-one throughout the year
  • Lead social and educational activities
  • Hold students accountable to conduct guidelines
  • Refer students to support services throughout campus

Skills You Need To Be Successful At UB—And Beyond

Explore Your Self-Identity

How do you describe yourself? What makes you similar or different from others in your community? How will you measure your accomplishments during your time at UB and beyond? When you live on campus, you will have ongoing opportunities to challenge your beliefs, examine different ways of thinking and form your own opinions. Our job is simply to guide you as you explore your own identity and develop strategies to achieve your goals.

Learn to Live with Others

At UB, you’re likely going to live in the most diverse environment you’ve ever experienced. Here, you will learn to recognize and appreciate differences and commonalities among your fellow students. You will see how your individual views affect your roommates and neighbors. And you will discover how to resolve conflicts in a way that is effective, appropriate and respectful of cultural sensitivities.

Understand Your Role in a Community

As part of the on-campus community, you will have the opportunity to attend community meetings, create community agreements and even take a leadership role in overseeing your new home. By identifying your roles and responsibilities (and understanding how your actions impact others), you will see firsthand what it takes to build a strong community.

Connections to On-Campus Resources—Only at UB

We have close relationships with UB academic advisors, health and wellness services, University Police and other key resources, so we can help students get the support they need.

Be Successful Academically

In addition to offering Academic Success Centers, free tutoring and quiet study spaces in every residence hall, we work closely with academic advisors to help students reach their full potential. Because we see students in their daily lives, we are often able to identify when students may be struggling with their classes, and help them determine the best strategies for success.