Get Around

UB Stampede Busses.

You’re closer to everything UB has to offer when you live on campus. You can walk, bike, use our free buses and shuttles, or bring your own car to get around.

Bring Your Car to UB

Unlike other universities, at UB all students are allowed to have a car on campus—including first-year students in residence halls.

No Car? No Problem.

When you live on campus, you can walk almost anywhere you need to go. Plus, UB buses and shuttles stop at or near all on-campus housing. 

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In this section:

Campus Buses & Shuttles

UB buses and shuttles stop near all on-campus residence halls and apartment complexes. This free transportation will take you to class, between campuses and more.

UB Buses & Shuttles—Only at UB

UB buses and shuttles only go to official UB on-campus residence halls and apartments and specific designated off-campus locations. They do not go to private, off-campus apartments.

Go Shopping or Take a Trip

When you want to go off campus, we’re here for you. The UB Mall/Market Shuttle will take you shopping, to the mall or for groceries, once a week. Zipcar car sharing provides wheels when you want them. If you want to go home for the holiday breaks, the UB Express Bus will take you to New York City, Binghamton, Syracuse and Albany.

Bicycling at UB

If you want to bring your bike to campus, we offer a number of resources, including: 

  • Free winter bike storage
  • Free bike registration
  • Bike racks on UB Stampede buses

UB also has a BikeShare program for students who want to ride on campus but do not own a bike.