Eat Well

Whether you want food trucks or Starbucks, global cuisine or local veggies, eat well at UB. Savor everything from made-to-order breakfasts to midnight snacks.

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Dining Centers in Every Residence Hall

student being served food at c3 culinary center on north campus.

All-you-can-eat dining halls are conveniently located in every residence hall complex and are open to all students.

When you live in the residence halls you can get breakfast, lunch and dinner without ever going outside.

Ellicott Complex (Evans [formerly Porter], Fargo, Red Jacket, Richmond, Spaulding, Wilkerson) and Greiner Hall

Enjoy “resort-style dining” at eight mini-restaurants inside Crossroads Culinary Center (C3), ranked No. 1 in the nation, with menus that change every day and recipes prepped in small batches to ensure the freshest possible meals. 

Governors Complex (Lehman, Clinton, Dewey, Roosevelt)

With made-to-order omelets, hand-carved meats and signature salads—not to mention our famous desserts—Governors Dining Center is a popular choice for first-year students who live in Governors. 

South Campus (Goodyear, Clement) Halls

Fresh fruits. Weekend brunch. Dinners featuring our Mongolian Grill, where you can select your own ingredients and have them prepared right in front of you. You’ll find all this and much more at the Main Street Market Center

Find your closest campus dining location

Hungry? Running late for class? You can choose from dozens of restaurants and dining locations across campus, including UB’s popular food trucks and familiar favorites:  Au Bon Pain, Jamba Juice, Starbucks and more.

Farm-to-Table Options

At UB, we work directly with local farms to design menus around harvest dates, supporting the farm-to-table movement. Campus Dining & Shops (which runs the dining centers on campus) is also a member of the Made In/Grown In New York program, which promotes and supports agricultural and food products from New York State. One hundred percent of dining center food waste is composted on campus, keeping it out of local landfills.

Kitchens in Every Residence Hall & Apartment

It's easy to make dinner with your friends, bake a birthday cake or just enjoy a midnight snack. At UB, you’ll always find a kitchen nearby.

Convenience Stores for Late-Night Favorites

the convenience store located in the ellicott complex.

Need a study break? Convenience stores located inside Ellicott Complex and Governors Complex are filled with snacks, drinks, popcorn, frozen dinners and other popular choices.