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happy students on campus.

UB is more than a place to live. It’s a safe, supportive and diverse community where students are encouraged treat others with dignity at all times

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Community Comes First

We believe in building strong communities—in every complex, in every building and on every floor. Here, you have rights and responsibilities that we have purposefully designed to help you develop the skills and attitudes that will make you a positive, productive member of society.

An Inclusive, Welcoming Home

UB is proud to be among the most internationalized universities in the country and offers many programs designed to help celebrate that diversity—starting in our residence halls and apartments. Our inclusive environment is home to students from more than 115 countries, representing a diversity of gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, values and perspectives. We’re here to help promote tolerance, guide students in building new relationships, and create a climate that raises awareness, knowledge and respect for all.

Our Pillars of Community

Our Pillars of Community principles are designed to create high-quality learning environments, promote diversity and ensure the health, safety and security of our residents.


A place where students and staff share goals and work together to encourage/promote learning on campus.


A welcoming environment that values a free exchange of ideas requiring mutual respect and consideration.


A place where the individual dignity of the person is honored and where diversity and equality are valued.


A place with clear community standards where individuals are accountable to themselves and to others in their communities.


An environment in which the safety and well-being of each community member is paramount and community members understand and value their interconnectedness.


A place that appreciates the differences, commonalities, traditions and progress of both individual and group accomplishments, and values each person’s contribution to the community.