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What You Need to Know and Do Now

Campus Resident Health and Safety Guide

As we return to campus together, the Campus Resident Health and Safety Guide will help you understand what to expect from on-campus housing and learn more about what role you will play in keeping our community healthy and safe. Important topics covered by the Guide include:

Campus Living Guidelines

All members of the UB Community are required to abide by the university's Health and Safety Guidelines. In the Campus Resident Health and Safety Guidelines, we explain how these rules apply in your home in our on-campus residence halls and apartments. You will find details on when to wear a face coverings, how to use common areas, and when and where guests are permitted on campus. There are also helpful tips on how to be prepared in these uncertain times.

Daily Health Check

You must complete your Daily Health Check everyday, including weekends and holidays. You should complete it early in your day, before leaving your room.

Quarantine and Isolation

Campus Living has designated quarantine and isolation spaces on campus. These rooms are available to students with on-campus housing assignments who are required to quarantine or isolate by a health care provider or who are travelling from a restricted area outside of New York State.

Students will be supported throughout the quarantine process by caring and supportive staff.

Facilities and Services Updates

Although many things will look different this year, Campus Living is still committed to offering as many amenities and services as possible. Events and activities to get to know each other will be done virtually or in small groups in person. As our offerings change we will be providing updates in the Campus Resident Health and Safety Guide.

University Updates

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Campus Housing - Previous Status

Health and Safety

Together, we are staying safer.

Health and Safety Guidelines

Help our community stay safer and decrease the spread of COVID-19 by making the behaviors listed in our UB Health and Safety Guidelines part of your routine. 

Together, we are protecting each other.

Take the pledge

All UB students, faculty, staff and guests are asked to demonstrate their shared commitment by pledging to follow these guidelines at all times and in all circumstances while on campus.

FAQ Topics:

Campus Housing - FAQs


Why have housing rates been adjusted for fall?

In response to the changes in density and room types, a new standard housing rate is being implemented for all residence hall rooms (excluding Greiner Hall).

  • The standard rate is based on a maximum two-person occupancy.
  • This rate is lower than what was originally projected for single and large double rooms for Fall 2020.
  • Having all residence hall rooms at one rate simplifies the rate structure and allows for flexibility with room assignment changes.

Updated July 24, 2020

When will I receive bill for my on-campus housing?

Student bills, including one half of the annual housing cost, will be issued on August 10 with a due date of September 2.

Updated July 24, 2020


Will contract dates for on-campus housing be different this year?

In response to changes to the academic calendar, including online instructions beginning at fall break, the contract dates for on-campus housing have been adjusted.

Housing dates by term:

Fall 2020
August 27, 2020 - November 25, 2020

Spring 2021
January 20, 2021 - May 16, 2021

Summer 2021
May 16, 2021 - July 31, 2021

Updated July 24, 2020

With the changes to the rates and contract dates will I need to re-sign my housing agreement?

Yes. You must login to the housing portal and review the Addendum to the Housing Agreement. You must acknowledge and agree to all of the terms and conditions by July 31, 2020. Students will not be permitted to move in to on-campus housing in August if they have not agreed to the terms.

  1. Login to the housing portal
  2. Click the “Agreement Addendum” tab
  3. Select term “Academic Year 2020-2021” and click Continue
  4. Submit Missing Person Contact Information (optional)
  5. Read and review the complete Addendum to the Housing Agreement
  6. Enter your UB Person Number to agree to the updated terms and conditions
  7. If you are under the age of 18 you will be required to complete the parental agreement

Updated July 24, 2020


If on-campus housing is closed will I receive a refund?

  • Upon reasonable notice, residents may be required to vacate residence halls and apartments on a temporary or permanent basis.
  • In the event that Campus Living terminates housing due to public health concerns for the remainder of the semester, the University will offer reimbursements according to the reimbursement schedule.
  • The reimbursement schedule considers that university housing rates fund both fixed and variable costs to operate the residence halls and apartments. This means that refunds are not given based solely on the date of cancellation. More information about the method of calculating refunds can be found in the Addendum to the Housing Agreement

Updated July 24, 2020


Why aren't the South Campus residence halls being used for student housing in Fall 2020?

Clement and Goodyear Halls will no longer be housing residents for the Fall 2020 term. Many factors went into this decision:

  • Decreased demand for on-campus housing due to the modified in-person class schedule
  • Need for dedicated on-campus quarantine space
  • Consolidation of services and resources onto the North Campus to better serve our residents

Goodyear Hall will be a dedicated quarantine space reserved for the needs of on-campus residents during the coming semester.

All students previously assigned to these buildings have been notified and are being given new housing assignments in facilities on the North Campus.

Updated August 4, 2020


Will residents be required to leave on-campus housing for fall break?

Yes. The housing contract will end on Wednesday, November 25. All residents will be required to move out by 10am on that day. 

Any student that requires break housing will need to complete an application and additional charges may apply. Only students who will be returning to on-campus housing in the spring and who meet the additional criteria to stay will be approved for winter break housing. 

Updated June 30, 2020

Will residents be able to keep their belongings in on-campus housing during winter break?

Students who are returning to the same assignment for the spring semester will be permitted to leave their belongings in their rooms. Students will not have access to their residence during winter break. 

Updated June 30, 2020


I canceled my housing application for Fall 2020 but may want to live on-campus in the Spring. Do I have to apply again?

Applications for fall housing are actually for the full year (fall and spring). Cancelling your housing application for Fall 2020 means that you do not have an active application or a guaranteed room for Spring 2021.

You will need to submit a new housing application to secure a room on-campus for the spring. The application for Spring 2021 housing will open on October 1.

Updated July 23, 2020


What is UB doing to ensure campus spaces are clean and sanitized?

We are taking additional cleaning precautions across campus to ensure the health and safety of the UB community. Cleaning protocols are reviewed and adapted as the COVID-19 situation evolves and new recommendations are released.

In the on-campus residences, janitorial staff cleans shared spaces and commonly touched areas with CDC-recommended disinfectant. 

Updated June 30, 2020


What dining options will be available on campus for residents?

UB Campus Dining operations will be modified to meet new state requirements for cleaning, social distancing, customer limits and modified indoor seating.

More than 30 campus locations will be revamped including new grab-and-go sites, a zoned and time seating reservation system in residential dining centers and mobile ordering.

Campus Dining and Shops are updating the meal plan options for the coming year, as well as what dining locations and food service types will be offered. When these details are finalized they will be communicated to students by email and on the MyUBCard website.

Will there be contactless payment and pick-up options available?

Download the GET Mobile app which has a “Scan Card” feature for contactless payment, and online ordering to skip waiting in lines.

  • Search “CBORD GET” in the App Store
  • Install and open “GET Mobile”
  • Select “University at Buffalo”
  • Allow access to photos on your device
  • Login in with your UBit name and password

Updated July 17, 2020