Campus Resident Health and Safety Guide

Spring 2021

Campus Living staff wearing masks outside.

This guide will help you understand what to expect from on-campus housing and learn more about what role you will play in keeping our community healthy and safe.

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Health and Safety Policies Currently Under Review

As the COVID-19 public health situation improves, our health and safety policies continue to evolve. Fall 2021 policies are currently being developed and will be announced later this summer. Check back here for updates.

Campus Living Guidelines

Find details about how the health and safety policy categories below impact you as an on-campus resident.

What to do when others aren't following the guidelines

Together, we can help ensure a safer campus experience. By making good choices, we can work to stop the spread of COVID-19. Remember — this is a shared responsibility.

Surveillance Testing

Weekly Testing is Mandatory

All students who reside on campus must participate in surveillance testing every week.

Testing is a critical way to keep our campus safe, and disregarding these mandates will have consequences. Residents who do not attend testing will initially be sent reminders. Missed testing in consecutive weeks may result in suspension from on-campus housing, as well as in-person classes.

Making Your Appointments

Student testing will be available in the Student Union, Greiner and Allen Hall, by reservation. Locations have appointments Monday-Friday, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Walk-Up Appointments

The Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (JSMBS) is available for walk-up testing downtown.

Testing Exemptions

If you have a health risk or cannot/will not report for testing, please use the EXEMPTION FORM to submit your reason.

(NOTE: Tests collected off-campus will NOT be accepted for weekly surveillance testing.)

Your Health

Daily Health Check

You must complete your Daily Health Check everyday, including weekends and holidays. You should complete it early in your day, before leaving your room.


Wash Your Hands.
Social Distance.
Feel Sick? Stay Home.
  • Do a CDC COVID-19 symptom self-check every day before leaving your home.
  • Stay home and contact your health care provider if you are sick or experiencing any symptoms.

The Student Life Gateway Student Guide has more information about how to socialize safer, achieve your academic goals, and more.

Quarantine and Isolation

Campus Living has designated quarantine and isolation spaces on campus. These rooms are available to students with on-campus housing assignments who are required to quarantine or isolate by a health care provider or who are travelling from a restricted area outside of New York State.

Identification and Notification

Test Results, Symptoms, Close Contact

Student Health Services will notify Campus Living when students in their care need to quarantine. But it is up to students to contact their RA or CA to tell us if:

  • They are instructed by their own private doctor that they must be in quarantine or isolation for any period of time
  • They have been in close contact with a known positive case of COVID-19

Travel Quarantine

If you will be travelling outside of New York State for more than 24 hours, it is your responsibility to notify Campus Living before you return. This is critical so that we can help you make the necessary arrangements to complete your NYS mandated quarantine upon arrival.

Reassignment and Accommodations

Once we know that a student needs quarantine we will arrange everything to make the process as easy as possible. Campus Living will:

  • Assign a new room in one of our designated quarantine facilities
  • Arrange transportation for the student and their needed belongings to the new space
  • Provide written expectations about conduct
  • Coordinate with Campus Dining and Shops to ensure food service
  • Facilitate mail delivery, garbage pickup and laundry services
  • Complete daily check ins with the student to answer any questions and find resources for further support if needed

Are You Entering Quarantine?

Find out what to expect, what to take with you and links to all of the resources that you may need to keep you safe and cared for while you are in quarantine housing.

Completing Quarantine Off Campus

It is not advised that a student in isolation or quarantine while living in campus housing return home due to the risk of spread of the virus to his/her family and other communities.

If you do decide to return home, you may NOT use public transportation, and it is not safe for someone who is feeling ill to drive themselves home. If a parent or friend chooses to drive you home, that person must understand that they and anyone else traveling with you are at risk of getting infected.  

Anyone in quarantine or isolation should have their own private bedroom and bathroom. Anyone else living with someone in quarantine or isolation is at risk of getting infected.

Before leaving to complete quarantine off campus, you should call Campus Living at 716-645-2171 or speak with your Hall or Complex Director when you are leaving, and provide them with the address where you will be staying.

Additional Policies and Procedures

When you live in UB’s residence halls and apartments, you sign an agreement that specifies your responsibilities as a student, including the health and safety guidelines detailed on this page. The additional rules that apply to living in on-campus residence halls and apartments can be found in:
  • Guide to Campus Living
  • Campus Living Housing Agreement
  • UB Rules and Regulations

Facilities and Services Updates