Value Housing

student working at her desk in her residence hall.

Value Housing is an option offered to UB students residing in our on-campus Residence Halls. Value housing offers students living in an expanded capacity room a cost savings averaging around $1000 per year. 

What's Included

Value rooms include all the on-campus features and room amenities UB students have come to know. Each room is designed for comfort and to accommodate multiple residents. Many value rooms will feature bunked and lofted beds, while some will have a more traditional design. 

Included in every value room:

  • Standard Bed
  • Workstation Desk
  • Dresser
  • Lamp
  • Closet Space

View standard examples of value housing spaces:

Governors Complex

Ellicott Complex

Main St./South Campus Halls


Residence Hall Rates

Room Size 2019-2020 Rates
Single $9,474
Double $8,521
Large Double (Ellicott) $9,118
Triple $8,117
Triple with bath $8,632
Value Triple $6,899
Quad $7,117
Quad with bath $8,348
Value Quad $6,050

New Students Please Note:* New students may be assigned to a Value Housing room as part of our standard room assignment process. 


Our Campus Living Residential Life support team is always here to assist! Students may seek the support of our RAs/AAs and our professional staff with any concerns.