Roles & Responsibilities

At Campus Living, our staff takes their roles and responsibilities seriously. We are committed to knowing our students, their commonalities and differences, what they might encounter in college and how they are experiencing their on-campus living environment.

We help our students meet their academic goals and learn life skills that will serve them, their families and their communities beyond their UB experience. We believe that students who take responsibility have a significant positive impact on the residence hall and apartment environment.

By having our students take ownership and responsibility for their actions, we are able to provide the best possible residential experience.

Roles & Responsibilities of Our Staff

Each staff member serves a unique and critical role within the residence halls and apartments:

  • As a first priority, keep the students who live in our halls and apartments as safe as possible
  • Maintain healthy residential communities with good communication, mutual respect, mutual responsibility and strong leadership
  • Employ student staff members who will concentrate on getting to know the students in their halls as well as possible; this knowledge includes knowing student names and several details about each student, and having a sense of how satisfied each student is with her or his living environment
  • Be effective supervisors, including conducting weekly staff and one-on-one meetings and getting to know each staff member individually