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Published January 13, 2023

Important considerations as you select housing for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year.

My role here at the university is, in part, to keep both students and families informed of emerging issues that could affect the student experience throughout their time at UB.  I am writing to you about upcoming housing decisions for the next academic year. 

As you evaluate future living arrangements, please be judicious in your housing decisions and be aware of potentially problematic off-campus student housing providers. Recently, we have been made aware of students in challenging situations that were out of their control, as some of these off-campus properties do not provide the community support and infrastructure we value. Some providers will rent spaces to students that are not as advertised. Units may be unsuitable, or even unavailable, despite signed contracts and agreements.

With a vast selection of residence options available, we strongly believe that living in university-operated and managed residence buildings provides students with the absolute best UB experience.

When you live at UB, Resident Assistants and Community Advisors live alongside you. These individuals are trained to provide guidance and support in the many aspects of a student’s life at UB. With safety as a top priority, all buildings have live-in staff on duty 24/7. With an on-campus police department providing standard patrols and immediate emergency response, families can have peace of mind that their student is valued and supported. This, in conjunction with our award-winning dining services, comprehensive transportation system, and vibrant campus communities, creates an integrated network of support services that off-campus housing providers cannot replicate. Simply put, your home is here. Campus Living creates inclusive residential communities where personal growth and learning is valued. 

To choose Campus Living, students must apply through the housing portal between January 30 and February 17, 2023. Detailed instructions can be found on the Campus Living website.

To ensure that students are living in an environment that is conducive to meeting their academic and personal goals, we encourage you to make informed choices about housing.

With Best Regards,

Elizabeth Lidano

Interim Dean of Students

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