Random Acts of Kindness Endowment Fund

General Commencement in Alumni Arena.

This fund provides small, one-time gifts to help undergraduate students who are experiencing financial difficulties stay in school.

The Random Acts of Kindness Fund—believed to be one of the first emergency-relief programs in the country of its kind—provides short-term assistance to students who face sudden changes in their financial circumstances that could prevent them from finishing school. The fund was established in 2002 by the University at Buffalo Student Association.

Whether the cause is a death in the family, illness or economic hardship, the Random Acts of Kindness Fund offers one-time cash gifts to these students to help them with rent, transportation and other expenses so that they can continue their education.

The idea for the fund began when UB alumna Naniette Coleman, '02, met a student who had encountered a financial emergency, left UB and never returned. Coleman, a former Student Association president, felt that if there had been an emergency fund available, her friend might have been able to complete his education.

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