School of Pharmacy Scholarship Fund

Students in Pharmacy class in Cooke Hall.

This fund bolsters the school by attracting top students from around the globe.

The UB School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is able to attract academically talented students from across the world — and support their learning experiences while they are here — in large part due to scholarships. Often, scholarships are the key difference in bringing top students to UB, and ensuring that they can receive a high-quality education while they are here.

We are fortunate to offer significant competitive scholarships on an annual basis, thanks to the generosity of alumni, friends, and various organizations and corporations.

At the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, we are poised for a quantum leap, one that will see us redefine the very future of pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacy care and public-health policy. Our potential is unlimited. Our vision is audacious. Our goals are attainable. But we need your help to achieve the most ambitious fundraising goal in our history. Our future has never been brighter. That future starts right here—with you.

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