Dr. Coletta A. Klug Fund

Nursing students in class and the lab in Wende Hall.

With the support of this fund, students have special opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills in the area of psychiatric mental health nursing.

The Coletta A. Klug Fund provides awards to support undergraduate and graduate students who wish to enhance their knowledge and clinical skills in psychiatric mental health nursing, thereby promoting career development in this specialty area of nursing practice.

The award is presented to one or more students who submit successful proposals for research, educational or travel activities. Students can use the award to defray expenses associated with their activity, such as the cost of collecting data, reimbursing participants in a study, registering for a conference, or traveling to a workshop. The award can also be used for other professional activities, such as obtaining professional training related to psychiatric-mental health nursing.

For more than 80 years, UB Nursing has provided high-quality nursing education and conducted real-world research. Now, we’re rising to meet new challenges—seeking faculty who are thought leaders and innovative scientists, pioneering interprofessional approaches to improve health and increasing support for students at every level. With your investment, we will transform and define the future of nursing education and clinical care. Lives and health are at stake, and your support will ensure our nurses are there.

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