Leroy and Margaret H. Callahan Scholarship Fund

Summer Math Program presentation day.

This fund benefits students in the Graduate School of Education who are interested in elementary mathematics instruction.

As a professor in the Learning and Instruction Department of the University at Buffalo's Graduate School of Education, Leroy Callahan spent 28 years helping students learn about teaching elementary mathematics. And although he retired in 1994, he's still helping those students today with a gift to UB.

Callahan and his wife, Margaret Hensberry Callahan, establishished the fund to provide a scholarship to a graduate student who has an interest and pursues research and/or development activities in the teaching and/or learning of mathematics at the pre-secondary school level of instruction.

“My whole career at UB was in the area of mathematics instruction with a special interest in how young children learn math and how teachers should teach it,” Callahan said. “I thought I could help others continue in that area. There's still a lot of work to do.”

Callahan, who joined the UB faculty in 1967, said he was grateful to the university for hiring him fresh out of graduate school, and for supporting him and his wife as they raised their seven children.

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