Department of Architecture Fund

Wooden structures created by freshman architecture students as part of a yearlong design-build studio are on display at Artpark in Lewiston.

Support research and operational needs and enhancements throughout the Department of Architecture with this fund.

The Department of Architecture Fund provides ongoing support for a wealth of resources and activities within the department, which is part of UB’s School of Architecture and Planning.

Here, our students have access to one of the largest material shops for an architecture school that includes conventional and digital fabrication technologies. Our students work directly with materials and tools, producing models and prototypes that help them connect the formal basis of architecture with its physical manifestation. Throughout the department, students and faculty conduct research related to topics of concern that presently (and in the future) will influence the design of the built environment.

At the Department of Architecture, we take our role as part of a public research university seriously. Our mission is tied to serving the public and being a forum for public debate. Our program prepares students to see the full implications of what architecture does for the built environment, by proposing future forms of habitation that make aesthetic and cultural contributions to society and inspire social imagination.

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