Ruckenstein Endowment Fund

UB Chemical and Biological Engineering professor Eli Ruckenstein.

Honor the memory of Eli Ruckenstein by supporting the Ruckenstein Lecture Series and the Chemical and Biological Engineering department. 

Professor Eli Ruckenstein has been a pioneer in numerous areas, advancing almost every area of interest to chemical engineers. He conducted both theoretical and experimental research that not only has increased scientists’ understanding of the fundamental phenomena of chemical processes, but has led to the development of enhanced research methods and new materials.

In addition to his election to the National Academy of Arts and Sciences, receiving the National Academy of Engineering Founders Award and the National Medal of Science, Ruckenstein has been honored by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers with its most prestigious awards: the Founders Award, the Alpha Chi Sigma Award and the Walker Award. He is one of the most influential chemical engineers of his era as well as the most highly decorated member of the University at Buffalo faculty.  

Thanks to the generosity of former students and friends, The Ruckenstein Endowment Fund was established to sustain a lecture series that honors the legacy of Dr. Eli Ruckenstein in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.

Each year the series brings to our campus a distinguished scholar in chemical engineering to speak about research activities in his or her laboratory, trends in the field, and larger problems in society that chemical engineers can address. As we celebrate Eli Ruckenstein’s life and memory, please consider making a donation to support this fund, to ensure that his memory lives on for pioneering engineers for generations to come.

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