Engineering Education Resource Fund

UB Chemical and Biological Engineering professor Eli Ruckenstein.

This fund supports a department that aims to advance the engineering profession and transform the way in which students are educated.

At the Department of Engineering Education within the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, we believe that the engineering education system in the United States succeeds in producing knowledgeable, competent and qualified engineers, but it could do so more effectively and efficiently. At the same time, the engineering education system in the U.S. fails to produce a diverse population of engineers at all degree levels.

Our vision is to lead in both the discovery of research-proven educational innovations for engineering and the propagation, scaling and translation of those innovations to classroom practice. We believe that success will result in a robust and adaptive U.S. engineering education system that efficiently and effectively yields a diverse population of more highly knowledgeable, competent and qualified engineers.

We are a highly interdisciplinary department with academic offerings that encompass not only engineering education, but also technical communication and other popular aspects of undergraduate engineering.

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