Milton Plesur Memorial Fund

Students taking notes in a History lecture.

Undergraduate and graduate students studying history benefit from this scholarship fund, named for a former professor.

Professor Milton Plesur (1927-1987) devoted his career to teaching, and bequeathed his estate to the university for the continued of support UB students.

In 1990, Dr. Plesur’s former students and many friends established the Milton Plesur Memorial Fund to provide undergraduate or graduate scholarships to students enrolled in the Department of History. Students must demonstrate scholarly merit, financial need and good academic standing.

The History Department is dedicated to the belief that the critical study of the past is foundational, not only to a sound liberal arts education, but to a full and active intellectual life. Our students come from all points and have vastly diverse interests. Our professors have an international reputation for excellence, as evidenced by numerous publications, a wide array of honors, as well as national and international fellowships. Beyond the classroom, we endeavor to help all members of society understand the historical context for the world around us.

At the College of Arts and Sciences, our students see opportunity around every corner. Our faculty have the expertise to overcome virtually any obstacle. Now, all we need is your support to help us turn our extraordinary potential into unparalleled achievement. We ask you to join us in creating a better, brighter future for the college and communities around the world. And we ask you, just as we ask ourselves and our students: What problem will you help solve today?

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