Marvin Farber Memorial Fund

Headshot of Marvin Farber.

Some of the world's most distinguished philosophers are invited to UB through the Marvin Farber Memorial Fund.

Established by Mr. Harold D. Farber and Dr. Jason E. Farber, this fund enables the University at Buffalo Department of Philosophy to invite distinguished philosophers of international stature to hold the "Marvin Farber Memorial Lectureship" for limited periods of time.

The Philosophy Department at UB has a faculty with expertise across broad areas of the discipline, and cross-disciplinary ties with numerous other units throughout the university. The department is distinguished by its unusually wide range of special interests and orientations in philosophy, and by the high degree of faculty-student interaction both in scholarly enterprises and in departmental affairs.

At the College of Arts and Sciences, our students see opportunity around every corner. Our faculty have the expertise to overcome virtually any obstacle. Now, all we need is your support to help us turn our extraordinary potential into unparalleled achievement. We ask you to join us in creating a better, brighter future for the college and communities around the world. And we ask you, just as we ask ourselves and our students: What problem will you help solve today?

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