UB Regional Institute Fund

Wooden structures created by freshman architecture students as part of a yearlong design-build studio are on display at Artpark in Lewiston.

With a long track record of success in public policy and urban planning, the UB Regional Institute receives key support through this fund.

At the UB Regional Institute, we are driven to test, develop and implement the best ideas for communities to thrive and succeed, in our own region and beyond.

Drawing on diverse experience and a deeply rooted passion for independent research and public engagement, the Institute generates clear, actionable insights that advance communities with our partners.

A major research and public policy division of UB (and the research enterprise of the School of Architecture and Planning), the Institute provides objective analysis to drive crucial decisions across all scales from neighborhoods to municipalities, from regions to states to federal levels and beyond to the global community.

This fund provides operational or research support and enhancements for the Institute.

The Institute brings together robust capacities and notable achievements in planning, policy analysis, public process, urban design and communications across a wide array of relevant topics. In addition to university faculty and academic researchers, the Institute’s partners include governments, foundations, businesses, civic groups and nonprofits.

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