Joseph T.J. Stewart and Sally K. Stewart Endowment Fund

Students studying on North Campus.

This fund promotes opportunities for students in the School of Management by supporting computer resources and capabilities.

As part of our efforts to directly benefit management students, this fund supports academically related intiatives throughout the School of Management.

Specifically, the fund provides for the maintenance and upgrade of computer resources and capabilities that may be accessed by enrolled management students.

If these computer-related needs are fully satisfied, the fund may be used to address other student-focused, academically-related initiatives in the School of Management. The fund was established by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. J. Stewart.

A 1948 honors graduate of the management school, Joseph T.J. Stewart received UB’s Samuel P. Capen Award in 1999, recognizing his meritorious contributions to the university, which included endowment of UB honors scholarships and creation of this technology-development fund.

“UB, in many ways, represents a combination of what was important to my father: education, youth and values,” said Stewart’s son, Thomas W. Stewart, president of Stewart Holdings, Inc. “Dad always believed that UB was the basis for his business success. He felt it was important to help young people achieve their own goals through education, while impressing on them the importance of maintaining their values and commitment to their community.”

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