Center for Urban Studies Fund

Wooden structures created by freshman architecture students as part of a yearlong design-build studio are on display at Artpark in Lewiston.

Help transform vulnerable, underdeveloped and distressed neighborhoods into communities of opportunity by supporting this fund.

The Center for Urban Studies is a research, neighborhood planning and community development institute devoted to building a just metropolis by eliminating neighborhood inequality and spatial injustice.

Within the Center, we are concerned with the transformation of distressed neighborhoods in shrinking cities and regions. We seek to these understand neighborhoods, cities and metropolitan regions in order to change them.

This fund provides operational or research support and enhancements within the Center.

Our intent is to build vibrant neighborhoods based on community control, participatory democracy, and cooperative economics that are anchored in people-centered urban centers based on social, economic, political, cultural and racial justice.

The goal of our work is to produce communities which serve as platforms that enable residents to realize their full human potential by acquiring critical consciousness and enhancing their larger freedoms. Our programs promote grassroots community and economic development strategies, create neighborhood-based institutional frameworks to guide neighborhood transformation, and help to forge public policies and practices necessary to bring about authentic change.

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