Gail Paradise Kelly Memorial Fund

Overview of a lecture hall.

Named for a pioneer in the field of comparative women’s education, this fund is used to sponsor a lecture series at UB.

Gail Paradise Kelly was a prolific author, editor and scholar. When she passed away in 1991 at the age of 51, she was the author of two books, five monographs, twenty-four book chapters, twenty-three journal articles and the co-editor of eleven books.

The Gail Paradise Kelly Memorial Fund, established in 1991 by Dr. Grace C. L. Mak and anonymous friends, is used for sponsoring a lecture series devoted to the exploration of feminism and education from an international perspective.

At the time when the study of women was not considered an important topic, Gail Paradise Kelly almost single-handily made research on women's education a central focus in the field of comparative education. Her co-edited volume, “New Approaches to Comparative Education,” is now a standard text in graduate courses throughout the world and her earlier textbook, “Comparative Education” achieved status worldwide as one of the most widely used books in the field.

Kelly joined UB’s Graduate School of Education in 1970 as an Assistant Professor, and remained at UB for the duration of her career.

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