Finding a Center

Tyler Orlando, BA '18.

Tyler Orlando, BA '18 in the Undergraduate Learning and Community Center. Photo: Doug Levere.

Tyler Orlando found happiness in the new Undergraduate Learning and Community Center at the UB School of Management. A lot of happiness.

He works there as a certified tutor, helping business majors with coursework and general skills like time management and study methods. He also found an internship with HSBC through someone he met in the center.  

“I can honestly say the center helped me find myself. This is a big campus and the center is more like a small family setting," he said. "If it wasn’t for the center, I wouldn’t be in the position I am today.” 

Tyler’s time at the center helped him clarify what he wants to do with his career. His plan: stay at UB for the MBA program. His dream: a job with the Bills or the Sabres, or some other sports-related business. UB Fund support for the center helps build dreams like Tyler’s—and that makes him happy.