Florence Nightingale Fund

A newly renovated space in Wende Hall for the School of Nursing.

The purpose of this fund is to enhance the education of future nurses in UB’s School of Nursing. 

The Florence Nightingale Fund plays a pivotal role in strengthening research and other activities within the School of Nursing.

Established by Ms. Eris F. Perese (and significantly added to by Gertrude Vaughn Wyant and Christian Wyant), the fund has supported programs such as the Nursing Undergraduate Research Summer Experience (NURSE!), which has provided opportunities for nursing students from underrepresented groups. Through the NURSE! program, undergraduate students (many of whom were funded by the Florence Nightingale Fund) worked directly with faculty members. UB School of Nursing faculty members developed this summer research program as a pipeline for developing nurse scientists, for undergraduates interested in pursuing research as part of their nursing career.

For more than 80 years, UB Nursing has provided high-quality nursing education and conducted real-world research. Now, we’re rising to meet new challenges—seeking faculty who are thought leaders and innovative scientists, pioneering interprofessional approaches to improve health and increasing support for students at every level. With your investment, we will transform and define the future of nursing education and clinical care. Lives and health are at stake, and your support will ensure our nurses are there.

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