Gregory B. Jarvis Scholarship Fund

Headshot of Gregory B. Jarvis.

Honoring an astronaut killed in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, this fund provides scholarships for engineering students.

Established in 1986 by Mrs. Marcia Jarvis & Moog Controls, Inc., the fund provides annual scholarships in memory of Gregory B. Jarvis to undergraduate students pursuing a degree in the University at Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Gregory B. Jarvis, BS '67, was an electrical engineer who earned his degree at UB, and was later selected for an upcoming NASA mission. Jarvis was assigned to the Space Shuttle Challenger, which broke apart shortly after launch on January 28, 1986, killing Gregory Jarvis and his six crewmates.

At a ceremony formally changing the name of the Engineering East building to Gregory B. Jarvis Hall, Jarvis’ widow Marcia presented UB with a commemorative plaque from NASA and the UB flag her husband took with him on the Challenger (the flag was found among the wreckage). When asked about taking the UB flag into space, Jarvis said, “I thought [UB] was a great school. It was academically challenging and rewarding. This is a small token I can perform for the way they unlocked my future.”

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