Willie R. Evans UB Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship

Willie Evans.

In honor of Willie R. Evans, EdB '60, this fund provides scholarships to students who have a parent, grandparent or guardian who is a UB alum.

“We are UB” was an alumni call to action for Willie R. Evans, a 1960 UB graduate.

“The tagline took on a deep meaning for me,” says the member of the historic 1958 UB Bulls football team. The team won the Lambert Cup—the trophy for the top-rated small school in the East—with an 8-1 record in 1958. But team members turned down an invitation to appear in the Tangerine Bowl because Evans and Mike Wilson, another black teammate, would not be allowed to play alongside white players.

Evans joined the Alumni Association in 1972 and has since volunteered his time and resources in nearly every capacity, including as president. The Willie R. Evans UB Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship is named in his honor, and provides scholarships to returning full-time undergraduate students whose parents, grandparents or guardians are alumni of UB and are active members of the Buffalo Alumni Association. The fund was established by the UB Alumni Association.

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