Materials Design and Innovation Fund

UB Chemical and Biological Engineering professor Eli Ruckenstein.

Support the first department of its kind in the United States through this fund.

The Department of Materials Design and Innovation (MDI)—part of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the College of Arts and Sciences—is the first department in the nation conceived and established entirely for training a new generation of scientists and engineers in the methods of data driven materials discovery and design.

At MDI, we are addressing society’s need for significant acceleration of design and discovery of new materials, emergent properties and processing strategies that impact a broad range of technological applications (including advanced manufacturing and biosciences) in a socially responsible manner. The department is committed to accelerating science-based solutions to solve pressing societal problems such as climate change and environmental sustainability.

This forward-leaning, interdisciplinary department is centered on establishing knowledge discovery in materials science by combining the study of materials with information and data science. Here, we aim to shatter the boundaries of conventional thinking, and transform the training and education of materials scientists and engineers.

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