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How to submit events to the UBevents calendar


The UB Calendar of Events is an online, searchable database of events that are occuring on campus, as well as select off-campus activities that are being organized by, or of significance to our faculty, staff, or students).

In addition to the calendar web site, events are automatically displayed on other sites, including MyUB portal, the eUB home page, and UBnow.

Customized versions (details) are also used by some departments for their own sites; e.g. Alumni Relations and International Student & Scholar Services.

Who Can Post Events

All members of the UB community (faculty, staff, students) may submit announcements to the UB Calendar of Events. Contributors must first register.

Registration Procedure

To become a contributor, please fill out this registration form

You will be asked to select one or more event categories (e.g. academic, film, exhibit). These control which types of events you can later submit -- the categories match topics that users can click on in the calendar. Choose the most likely areas you will provide; you may always return later to re-register more categories.

Note that some calendar categories that users can browse are created in special ways and not by the submission form choices (details).

About the Electronic Submission Form

The information you enter on this form is reviewed by our editors for accuracy, clarity, and overall suitability. Once approved, it joins the live calendar. Submissions are reviewed each business day.

Some details, such as type of event, the title, date, time, and location are REQUIRED.

When you've completed the form, please take time to re-read what you've entered and double-check names, titles, times, locations, etc., for accuracy. If there are errors, you can edit, copy, preview, or remove it from the database (see instructions below).

How to complete the form

  1. Access the login page at http://www.buffalo.edu/calendar/login.html

  2. Click on "Submit Events".

  3. In the popup window, enter your UBITName and password (help).

    (Login Window Image)

  4. The "Personalized Events Submission Form for: [your username]" is displayed. From the menu, click on the major category that is the best fit for your event (e.g. "academic", "conference", "workshop").

  5. The next page that appears is the actual submission form, which says "Modify or remove a pending event in the category xxx".

  6. Fill in the blanks, including all REQUIRED details. Some information is OPTIONAL. Important: your event can't be posted to the live calendar if REQUIRED items are not completed. If you forget to fill in a field, you'll be alerted with an error message. (Required/Optional Info. Example)

    (Add Entry Picture)

  7. In the optional Keywords field, include any words or phrases that users may use when searching for your event. Words that are part of the title or description are automatically included in a search, but there may be additional words that have significance to users, or even commonly misspelled words that may help people to find your event.

    Note: this field is also used to define some special categories, such as "UB in the Community" (details).

  8. To include a picture, scroll down to the Picture URL section and enter the URL (web location) for your image.

    You must use a .jpg, .gif, or .png image that already exists on the Web, and will, of course, still be at that URL when your calendar entry is live.

    We advise you to use an image that is no more than 30kb and around 200 pixels in size. Larger images will load very slowly and crowd your text off the page. Finally, please be careful of copyright restrictions.

  9. Continue filling out each field on the form. When you're done, click on ADD ENTRY at the bottom of the page.

  10. At the top of the next page, a shaded box appears, verifying that your event has successfully submitted. The next step is review by the editors and they will contact you with any questions. The review process normally takes one or two business days, but we recommend you submit your events as early as possible to accomodate calendar users who are planning ahead!


Instruction example image

How to EDIT

Use EDIT to make changes to your entry.

  1. Look for the title of your event in the "Modify or remove a pending event" list and click on EDIT. Use your cursor to click inside any of the boxes, to highlight and change the text. When you're done, scroll to the bottom and click on MODIFY THIS ENTRY.

  2. The submission form contains a basic spell-check function. If you've mispelled any words, they appear within the shaded box after you've submitted your entry (clicked on the ADD ENTRY button.) As with all spell-check programs, this one should not be relied upon to find all errors or incorrect word usages; please take time to proofread your entries. To make corrections, look for the title of your event in the "Modify or remove a pending event" list, click on EDIT, and make changes on the form.

The event has been successfully added to the database.

The following words are possibly spelled incorrectly.


If you believe these words are incorrect, please locate your event in the list below and hit "Edit".

How to COPY

Use COPY when you have one event that occurs frequently. This feature allows you to enter an event once, copy it, and modify the information to suit the different dates it is occurring. For instance, if you have one event that is occurring over 3 days, you can COPY your original submission and just change the dates.

  1. Look for the title of your event in the "Modify or remove a pending event" list and click on COPY. Make any changes necessary then scroll to the bottom and click on DUPLICATE. You'll notice that the copied event shows up at the bottom of the events list.


Use PREVIEW to see what your event will look like when it's live on the calendar.

  1. Look for the title of your event in the "Modify or remove a pending event" list and click on PREVIEW. If everything looks the way you want it, click on EXIT PREVIEW at the bottom of the page. The resulting page will tell you that the event has been successfully edited in the database.
  2. If you see a mistake while you're previewing, click "Exit Preview," which takes you back to the previous page where you can choose to EDIT the entry. After you've made changes, click Modify This Entry. Your event has then been successfully edited in the database.


Use REMOVE to delete an event that has not yet been accepted for posting in the calendar. Only you and the calendar editors are authorized to REMOVE entries you submitted, and once the event is live, only the editors can remove it.

  1. Look for the title of your event in the "Modify or remove a pending event" list and click on REMOVE. Your entry is then deleted and will not be reviewed by the calendar editors.
How to Create a Template

If you have one event that occurs regularly: weekly, monthly, etc..., you can create a template to save you from entering the same information each time you want to submit the event.

    To create a template:

    1. Follow the steps outlined above in "How to complete the form". In this instance, we suggest that you leave the date field blank—this will remind you to set the correct date when you use template for new events. (It also is a reminder for you when you view your submissions that this is a template.)

      In addition, look at the bottom of the form for "Check Box if Template." Click on the box.

      (Template instructions image)

      Then, if you're finished completing the form, click on Add Entry.
    2. On the resulting screen, you'll see that your event has been added to the database, and that the word (template) appears next to it.

    To use a template you've created:

    1. Once your template is saved, find it in your list of events in the appropriate category, under "Modify or remove a pending event". Click COPY.

    2. You are now viewing the new calendar entry. Make any changes and then scroll down the form to the Template field and delete the word "yes." Then click on DUPLICATE.

    3. Repeat these step as many times as necessary. The original template will remain in the database until the next time you need it (calendar editors know not to delete it). The next time you want to post that same event to the calendar, log on to the database, and use the Edit function to make any modifications.

    To change a template back to a "normal" event:

    1. "Edit" the event, and remove the word 'yes' from the Template box.

    How to Edit a Live Event

    Once an event has been moved to the live calendar, contact the calendar editors if you want it modified.

    How to Remove a Live Event

    Once an event has been moved to the live calendar, contact the calendar editors if you want it removed.

    How to Add Another Event to the Calendar

    1. To submit another event in the same category when you're already in the database, simply scroll down to the calendar submission form and start again.

    2. To submit another event in a different category, choose from the My Categories menu on the upper left hand side of the page. Then fill out the form the same way.

    3. If you discover the category that you wish to enter the new event under is not available for your use, you can always register again, and include the additional category. Note that some categories available for brwosing (e.g. "sports" and "UB in the COmmunity") are set using special parameters and cannot be selected at this stage (more details).

    Special Categories

    The calendar provides several special collections of events that users can browse.

    One example is UB in The Community. If you examine its URL (below), look for the words "keyword=yourub-event":


    All events that include the phrase "yourub-event" in their keywords field are automatically be included in this category, regardless of what other category they were originally placed in (academic, exhibit, performance"...).

    Other special keywords currently in use include:

    - university events open to the community at large
    - College of Arts and Sciences events
    - Events endorsed by the UB 2020 Integrated Nanostructured Systems strategic strength group.
    - Events endorsed by the UB 2020 Molecular Recognition in Biological Systems and Bioinformatics strategic strength group.

    Additional types of custom calendars are also possible (details).

    How to Exit

    Once you are done submitting events, you must log out of the browser you're using (Netscape, Internet Explorer) to safely leave the system. Until you quit the browser, you are still logged in under your name and password, leaving your calendar entries open to tampering by someone else.

    User Responsibilities and Rights

    The calendar team reserves the right to refuse any listing that it deems to be inappropriate for publication in the university-community calendar, as well as to edit information for style and consistency.


    Contact the Calendar Team.