Martin Kruck

Fall 2018

Martin Kruck and photos of his previous work "Habitorium." Photos courtesy of the artist.

Kruck will photograph, sketch, and ultimately produce a series of relief prints (woodcut prints) of the Niagara Power Authority Intake Gate structures by the “Niagara Scenic Parkway” in Niagara Falls, NY, and the surrounding Niagara river area in Buffalo. (Read more...)

The East and West Intake Gates, are identical 55 ft x 100 ft structures that contain 400-ton vertical lift gates that have the capacity to completely stop the flow of water over Niagara Falls. Kruck plans to produce a set of 1:6 scale, or 9 ft x 16 ft, woodcut prints of these structures. The focus of the compositions will be to capture the same sense of awe and sublime as the natural/wild forces they control.

Kruck will be collaborating with Prof. Adele Henderson in leading a one- to two-day workshop in relief print production at the Center for the Arts Print Media Lab in connection with this project. The students will be trained in the methods and materials associated with woodcut printing and the transformation of drawing or digital photographic imagery to this graphic print media. Additionally, students will be invited to view and/or directly participate in Kruck's project through visits to the studio/lab on campus where they can observe the work in progress, ask questions, engage in practical, technical, or career related discussions, or directly assist in the drawing, carving, and/or printing of the production pieces.