Health and Safety Resources

Review the following resources to help inform the UB community about important university health and safety protocols.

COVID-19 Safety Posters

Please be aware that every unit FPMO will receive a set of posters to display throughout their areas. If you need to purchase additional signage beyond what is initially provided, please work with your FPMO and order through Print Services.

Wear a Face Covering Poster.
Are you Vaccinated Poster.
Get Vaccinated!

Digital Display Signs

"Wear a Face Covering" digital display graphic.
Complete your mandatory daily health check.
"Are You Vaccinated" digital display graphic.
Get Vaccinated!

Room Capacity Template

Customize this template for conference rooms, shared spaces and other areas inside your building. Please be aware that University Facilities will distribute elevator capacity signage.

room capacity template.

PowerPoint Template

Download this customizable PowerPoint template for your presentations, which includes health and safety visuals, campaign statements and various slide formats. Some slides may also be used as a signage template to display unit-specific messages.

health and safety powerpoint template.

Health and Safety Animation

Download the video file below to bring visual continuity into any health and safety video you create.

Together we are stopping the spread.

Video Series

The following video series is available for use on websites, social media and digital displays across campus.